About Us

About Us

PageLines- staffpicture.JPGWhat makes us special?

Community Outreach has a can-do attitude, and the range of programs to support it. We are in the business of inclusion, not exclusion: “service to,” not “screening out.” We want people to find solutions and obtain services. We work to include and assist everyone who calls on the phone or walks through our front door. Since our services are comprehensive, we can often make intra-agency referrals to other Community Outreach programs. If we do not operate the program a client needs, we brainstorm with them and network with other agencies to find solutions.

Our front door is a welcoming one.

Community Outreach provides a warm and vital atmosphere-not a cold, bureaucratic, or clinical one. As one client put it, “You are so welcoming, to all who venture in…even your signs are considerate  and warm.” Accessibility is one of our top priorities-for people of all backgrounds, with all kinds of problems, and in any language.

Community Outreach is shaped by the same kinds of people it serves.

We reflect the diversity of our clients, with a range of ages, areas of expertise, cultures, religions, sexual orientations, family structures, and histories. This understanding carries over into the shaping of Community Outreach’s  mission and its high standard of client participation: “Helping people help themselves.”

Community Outreach’s signature combination of direct emergency service and case management gets results.

Community Outreach’s direct services come with resources and support to effect lasting change. Our combination of emergency service and case management—used in the Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing Program, Families in Transition, and Homeless Emergency Services programs—gives people enough time, encouragement, and information to turn emergency shelter into long-term change and achievement.

Perhaps Community Outreach’s biggest distinction is our friendliness and respect.

We treat our clients like human beings, never like numbers. We believe every one of them can succeed on their own terms, by using their own inner resources combined with the resources we can provide. As one former client said of our staff, “You are genuinely warm and caring individuals.”

We apply the same principles of client service to our employees.

We form a unique team of diverse and passionate individuals, each bringing their own skills, abilities, and experiences to the furtherance of our mission. Here at Community Outreach we offer mutual respect for others’ thoughts and ideas, and cooperation among management and co-workers. Community Outreach takes pride in its “open-door” communication among clients, volunteers, staff, and the Board.