Cold Weather Shelter FAQ


What does your proposal include?

The management and staffing of a cold weather shelter(s) for chronically homeless men in or around Corvallis.  Expand access to food, medical care, showers, mail, phone, and secure document storage.  Intensive case management services and access to A&D treatment and/or counseling if necessary.

Do you already provide services to chronically homeless men?

Yes.  We already provide access to food, showers, mail, phone, and secure document storage in a limited capacity because other local agencies are providing this service.

Why are you providing this proposal now?

We were asked to submit a proposal by city and county elected officials and members of our community.

When will the inclement shelter(s) be open?

Shelter operations will commence from October 1st through March 31st, or when the weather reaches 32 degrees or less, during times of prolonged cold, flooding, and other inclement weather incidents.  Based on the last 3 years of weather data, we would meet this criteria roughly one out of two nights.

Do you have a location?

No.  We are counting on the city, county, and other community members to provide us with a shelter that meets the needs of the clients, local community, and agency.

Do other communities use an inclement weather shelter model, and who are they?

Yes.  Similar versions of this model are used nationwide as best practices.  They are used throughout Oregon in Eugene, Salem, Washington County, and Multnomah County just to name a few.

What staffing levels are reflected by your costs?

We are in need of a staff member to oversee the shelter and up to five trained staff to coordinated shelter at different locations/times as applicable.  Our goal will be to shelter clients safely and provide case management.