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HandUp is an innovative tech company that we partner with so that you can directly support individuals so they can get back on their feet.  Community Outreach, Inc. has raised over $13,000 to support the individual goals of 45 people and families!

Think of HandUp as a Kickstarter for people’s lives. HandUp gives YOU the opportunity to assist individuals and families no matter how small or large their needs may be.

Here are just a few ways HandUp has helped our fellow community members:

  • Reunited family members by paying for travel expenses.
  • Purchased a computer to help a student with continuing education.
  • The payment of driver’s license fees.
  • Court fees that inhibit moving on…
  • … and a whole lot more!

The Faces of COi’s HandUp Participants



Christopher recently had his COi HandUp goal funded by the Corvallis community! He raised enough funds to purchase the computer you see in this picture in order to be successful in his college career.




Mellissa had her goal of funding her GED testing was successful through HandUp! She has been in recovery for the past two years, but knew that she needed her high school equivalency to get out of dead-end jobs. Thanks to our community, Mellissa is on her way!!


moorgun-NNE8LF-x528 (1)

Moorgun had his HandUp campaign successfully funded. Now he will be able to pay to have his driver’s license reinstated which will allow him to get to work and provide for his family. Congrats Morgan!


How you can fund other HandUp Campaigns

Our work is not done and we always have individuals who need a HandUp. See the families and individuals below who need you to help fund their campaigns. Whether you can give a little… or a lot, everything helps. Read the stories and help your neighbors out. Everybody can use a HandUp sometime in their life!

Current Needs