Transitions Youth Program

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Transitions Youth Program

The main goal of the Transitions program is to help young adult (18-25) homeless population develop safe points in the community, build positive relationships, and increase training opportunities for employment and school.

This program has integrated Case Management, and “built- in” Peer Support. This program works through our partnerships with the following providers: 509J School District, College Hill, Jackson Street Youth Shelter, Samaritan Hospital, OSU, Benton County Probation and Parole, and the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA), Community Services Consortium(CSC), Old Mill, and Willamette Neighborhood Housing. All of the young adults in this program are encouraged to stay in housing for 12-18 months.

Weekly youth meetings are carried out to promote solidarity, goals, and promote healthy outlets in the community. Along with Peer Support and Case Management, this program is primarily focused on: Vocational/Educational training through our weekly Transitional Classes.

Young homeless adults in this program are strongly encouraged to develop positive mentor relationships with other positive adults in dorm. They will be expected to be alcohol and drug free. For those youth that have bounced from one place to another, COI is a safe and welcoming place to come for help. Our staff welcomes all young adults to our shelter including those who are a part of the LGBTQ community.