Sunflower Shelter

Sunflower Shelter

The Sunflower Shelter program was established in 1989, and is the area’s premier transitional housing program. This program seeks to help homeless families obtain and keep permanent housing, breaking the repetitive cycle of homelessness. The Sunflower Shelter uses a comprehensive approach that combines affordable housing with intensive, in-home case management, support services, counseling, education and skills training, and referral and collaboration with other agencies. Enrolled families participate in the program for 9-12 months.

Clients Receive:
• Access to long-term transformational housing
• Access to our food pantry
• In-house Case management
• Access to counseling, domestic violence services, abuse intervention workshops, mental health counseling, and alcohol and drug treatment
• Information about and referral to other community services
• Assistance with money management and personal budgeting
• Assistance with job searches

Questions & Answers

Who is eligible for this program?
Single and dual parent families with children under age 18 are eligible.  Residents must have the ability to maintain their own sleeping areas, kitchen, and bath.

How are families chosen for the Sunflower Shelter?
Families will go through an initial screening process to ensure that they meet program criteria:
• Motivation to improve their situation
• Willingness to address substance abuse if needed.
• Willingness to access mental health services if needed.
• No history of violent or sexual offenses.
• A willingness to work closely with case managers
• Ability to meet financial obligations
• A willingness to comply with all program guidelines

How long does the average family stay?
On average, families stay in the Transformational Housing program for 9-12 months.

Does it cost to participate in the program?
Families are assessed a $6 a day fee, if they have more than $400 a month in income.

Where do families get their income?
Most families are employed, or receive unemployment benefits, SSI, or TANF.